Wednesday, 16 September 2020

The doors of progress were closed for Afshah and her younger sister Mehwish. They could not improve their lot and get ahead even though they were willing to work hard. 

Having lost their parents at a very young age they lived with their older married sister and had never been sent to school. 

Afshah started doing hair and makeup for girls nearby to earn a little money. She wanted to become a beautician and tried to join a beautician training class, but was told that the course was not for illiterate people. 

Afshan was devastated. How could she stand on her own feet now? She was 17 and totally unlettered. Was there any remedy for this problem?

Then she heard of the Behbud Adult Literacy Course

In the span of one year with the support and guidance of Behbud teachers, Afshah was able to both read and write Urdu and some English and had gained basic math skills. She joined the beautician training class from which she had been barred before. Today she is her own boss and runs a salon in her neighborhood.

Her younger sister Mehwish is now enrolled in Behbud’s Adult Literacy course, while working part-time at a salon.  Mehwish says, “I want to be just like my sister and be able to read and do my own ‘hisaab kitaab’; that’s why I joined Behbud.”

For just Rs. 6000 per course you can change the life of an adult by making her literate through Behbud’s Adult Literacy Center.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

After her husband passed away, Sakina moved from her house in interior Sindh to her sister’s home in Karachi. Her sister helped her to get work; cleaning a house owned by a caring and compassionate woman in Soldier Bazaar. Shortly after her employment, Sakina started experiencing joint pains, fever, and dizzy spells. Her employer arranged for lab tests, which diagnosed Sakina as suffering from Hepatitis C. Besides, Basharan, her son, was also diagnosed as infected from the same disease.

Sakina’s employer had heard about Behbud’s new Hepatitis C diagnostic and treatment clinic in Shirin Jinnah and drove both mother and son across town to have them treated. Sakina’s employer knew that patients at the Behbud treatment facility are treated free of cost, which includes all diagnostic tests, as well as treatment of the disease.

Routine questions, related to patient’s health history, revealed that Sakina had received a blood transfusion after her first miscarriage 20 years ago, which could have been a contributing factor of her contracting Hepatitis C.

The medical professionals at Behbud informed Sakina of the recent Hepatitis C treatment discoveries, which include the introduction of DAA’s (Direct Acting Anti-Hepatitis) oral medications for 3 to 6 months, depending on the condition of the liver. Not only is the new treatment option far better than costly injections, but it also provides a safe and user-friendly treatment for the patients.

The success rate for Hepatitis C recovery with oral treatments is 98%, and today, Sakina’s health is showing significant improvement as she enters month 5 of the 6-month treatment regimen.

On the other hand, Basharan, her son, only required treatment for 3 months. After completing the medical treatment with continual blood tests, Alhamdulillah, he is now cured of the disease. He is currently working as a wallpaper apprentice in Jamaa Cloth Market and would like to take Behbud’s electrician course one day.

Thanks to Behbud’s Hepatitis C diagnostic and treatment clinic, both mother and son can now resume a normal healthy life.

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus, infecting 71 million people worldwide (about one per cent of the world's population) and causes 400,000 deaths each year. If it wasn’t for the concern and empathy of her employer and Behbud’s quality medical care & treatment, Sakina and her son may have eventually been included in that statistic.

We urge you to please join us for World Hepatitis Day 2020 (July 28) and help us save more lives like Sakina and Basharan.

For as little as Rs.7000 you too can sponsor the treatment of a patient at Behbud’s Hepatitis C Clinic and Bano Zariya Kisi Ki Zindagi Badalnay Ka.


Monday, 18 May 2020

Ramadan is a month of getting close to Allah through ibadat, good deeds and generosity toward the
poor. In the last 10 days of the Holy Month falls Laylatul Qadr which is better than 1000 months.

Your charity on that auspicious day is rewarded as if it was given every day for a 1000 months.

We urge you to remember Behbud Association, Karachi daily during these 10 days. Please donate
wholeheartedly toward the uplift of women and children.

Behbud Association, Karachi has been working for the last 50 years to help the underprivileged
sections of society in a holistic manner. Nearly 200,000 people benefit annually from the work of
this Association.

Behbud Karachi looks after the health of the marginalized by running 69 clinics weekly. Each clinic
is headed by qualified and specialist doctors who are caring and sympathetic toward the patients.

Behbud Karachi also runs 4 Elementary Schools, 3 Secondary Schools, an Intermediate College,
adult literacy classes and a Learning Resource Center – all to help the disadvantaged become an
educated part of Pakistani society.

Behbud Association, Karachi places especial emphasis on vocational training for income generation.
Many skills are taught expertly to both women and men enabling them to support their families and
giving them the satisfaction of leading useful lives.

When you give to Behbud Association, Karachi you help to lift up people from the despair of
poverty and inject hope in their lives. In these 10 days your donations will count as so much more.

It is a win-win situation: You earn points toward Jannat and the beneficiaries of Behbud Association,
Karachi progress, toward a better life in this world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give charity with multiplied rewards. Please give generously!

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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Founded in 1970 by a few volunteer women, Behbud Association Karachi has always aimed to change lives by giving the underprivileged segments of our society a ray of hope and a fresh chance at a better life.
Behbud affects the lives of approximately 200,000 beneficiaries annually. It strives to uplift and empower residents of marginalized communities by providing quality and low cost education, health services and vocational training for income generation, thus we hope to build a stronger Pakistan.

Your Zakat to Behbud Association, Karachi, will help women and children get educated, skilled and healthy. It will help give them the tools to succeed and a promise for a better future.

Over the years we have added and Intermediate Girl’s College, 4 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, 6 adult literacy program, Quran classes and a Learning Resource Center which offers teacher training courses to Behbud teachers as well as teachers from other NPO schools.

Behbud provides quality health care through 67 medical clinics a week. We have general OPDs, pediatrics, eye, skin, gynecology, diabetes, hypertension, TB, population welfare, child immunology and dental clinics. An X-ray department and pathology Lab are on the premises. So patients have a full array of services within walking distance.

Behbud has vocational training programs in computer education, sewing and embroidery, beautician and electrician courses, block printing and leather craft.

Our Helping Hands project provides funds to help people in distress. Stipends to widows, money for Jahaiz, school and college tuition fees for students and emergency medical help.

Behbud Association, Karachi is fully Sharia compliant. Mufti Mohammed Nadeem,
our Sharia advisor, oversees the handling of Zakat money to ensure its correct usage.

Please remember Behbud Association, Karachi in the holy month of Ramadan.
Your Zakat will make a difference in the lives of thousands of people who deserve
your support.

Donate Today! Donate Now!

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Saturday, 20 April 2019

Hafeeza didn’t know how much her life was going to change when she first came to Behbud Association, Karachi. She started visiting the Behbud clinics to get reliable medical treatment at affordable cost for herself and her children. She then got employment at the Behbud School wing in the janitorial services.

She would drop her young son at the nursery class of the school when she came to work. Soon she realized that the schools were providing quality education and transferred her older boys to Behbud Schools from the government schools that they had been attending.

The older boys undertook apprenticeships, under a car mechanics and electrician, in the mornings and continued to study in the Behbud Boys Secondary School which started at 1 pm. Hafeeza’s younger boy and girl attended the Behbud Schools and also joined the Behbud Computer Courses to improve themselves. The atmosphere of the Behbud schools was such that none of her children thought of dropping out and truncating their education.

“The school system here is really good with efficient teaching staff and system. I cannot be more satisfied or happier. If Behbud did not support me and my children they wouldn’t be where they are,” according to Hafeeza. She further elaborated that her children learned much more than academics from Behbud Schools.

Not only did Hafeeza benefit from Behbud, both by becoming healthy and getting employment, but her family also gained long-term benefits. As one can observe, the services provided by Behbud Association, Karachi, are diverse and holistic and impact the entire family in a positive manner.

Help support Behbud Association Karachi.

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